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A Dang Good Deal

Crispy. Salty. Sweet. Absolutely divine and totally good for you. I can't think of five better reasons for toasted coconut chips to become a pantry staple in your house, as they are in mine.

The first time I encountered these toasted coconut chips, we were on a ranch for a culinary weekend celebrating all things local food with about 20 people from Austin and San Antonio. It was a glorious gathering of epicureans where the meals seemed to be woven together so it seemed more like a continual, 48-hour feast.

After a much needed night of rest to prepare for another day of celebration, consumption and convivial times, one morning's breakfast featured assorted varieties of my Cowgirl Granola paired with Mother Culture's Greek yogurt.

Since this combination was a bit on the "light" side compared to the multi-course meals to which we were accustomed, the creative person in charge of setting up breakfast that day had plenty of fresh fruit, berries and a bag of toasted co…

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