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Cafe Redux

We've all been there. At the end of a long day, you arrive home to the sight of leftover coffee in the coffeepot and wonder what to do with it.

Toss it, save it or use it?
Pouring it down the drain pains me but we can have only so many affogatos. Iced coffee is another tasty and welcome alternative, especially during the summer months, and the preferred way my grandmother used her leftover morning java. But when trying to limit dairy consumption, iced coffee with half and half or cream is no longer an option and iced black coffee is not my idea of fun.

Leave it to my latest obsession, The First Mess cookbook, to come up with a plant-based recipe that remodels leftover coffee into something sensational.

It's not often I find so many amazingly creative and simple recipes in one cookbook, but this one is startlingly filled with winning recipe after winning recipe. If you need proof, this is the third recipe I have shared with you, so call me smitten with Laura Wright and her deli…

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