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I'll Have "Seconds"

As the reality of the end of summer begins to set in, I try and squeeze everything I can out of my favorite seasonal ingredients, particularly tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches and watermelon. And, yes, gazpacho is always up for grabs (and we love watermelon-tomato gazpacho, too) with tomato sauce a close second.

Speaking of seconds, I was lucky enough to score some tomato "seconds" at the farmers market last weekend. "Seconds" tend to be ugly, a bit overripe and/or not perfect enough for the traditional consumer who wants beautiful tomatoes. As I pondered how lucky I was to score about 10 big, juicy ready-to-use tomatoes, I began to think about the ways in which these beauties could enrich our weekend menu.

And within a New York minute, I had it all figured out.

With plans to grill a pork loin, my mind detoured to a dish we made years ago that still gets our juices flowing. Honey glazed pork chops with peach salsa. Though this recipe was shared on the blog more than th…

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