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Simply Delicious

There's something incredibly comforting about simple things. Uncomplicated. Effortless. Unlike the real world.

Maybe that's why I have been finding myself yearning for simple things, simple recipes and simpler times. I have never been one for complicated recipes or dishes that take hours to prepare, but more recently, I have definitely been focusing on ways to make cooking easier, quicker and decidedly more interesting.
Life is funny in that we send our intentions out to the world, and she lovingly responds.
That is how the previous recipe came to me--from one of my favorite food blogs, Food52, which introduced me to a new blogger, Laura Wright, of The First Mess. Her genius way to whip up almond milk re-energized my affinity for homemade almond milk, which I featured on the previous blog post and the link is here.
I was so enamored with Laura's creativity (or perhaps a combo of ingenuity and laziness) to come up with this tricky and smart method to make a kick-ass nut mil…

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