Loco for Coco!

Have you ever looked at what's in these so-called sports drinks? They are loaded with sugar (specifically high fructose corn syrup) and chemicals. How about a natural isotonic drink that rehydrates and is good for you?

The water from young, green coconuts is a natural energy drink that has more electrolytes than any sports drink as well as the salts, sugars and vitamins needed by athletes. It's one of the purest, wholesome waters nature ever provided and is fat free, low in carbs and calories.

It's sterile, can be used as blood plasma substitute, helps with digestion, can help prevent kidney stones, is a natural diuretic, helps control diabetes, contains enough vitamin C to meet the daily requirements and is more nutritious than whole milk.

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Plus, it's a perfect hangover prevention—after you've had a few too many, just drink a glass before you go to bed.

The health benefits are seemingly endless.

Obviously, coconut water is an amazing find. Certainly, if you can drink the water from a fresh coconut, all the better, but we're not always on vacation now, are we?

Fortunately, coconut water can now be procured at health food stores, specifically Whole Foods, Sun Harvest and Henry's. It's not cheap, but what that's good for you ever is?

We've tried all the major brands. Vita Coco, O.N.E., Zico and now we've found what we think is the best. Amy & Brian Coconut Water comes in a 17.5 ounce can. It is available in three flavor choices: regular, with pulp and with lime juice.

Store them in the refrigerator and they get really nice and cold. You can drink them right out of the can, pour it over ice and even add a squeeze of lime if you want.

Or the next time you're in a tropical paradise order a "coco frio" and get the real thing.

And don't forget the ubiquitous gin or rum and coconut water...life is a balancing act.
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