Egg Salad Redux

My grandmother made the best egg salad. I remember my father begging her (this was his mother-in-law) to make him some. And, of course she would.

I share this because egg salad seems to be all the rage these days. At least with my farmers market crew. And David seems to be carrying on my grandmother's tradition of making exquisite egg salad that people beg for.

Ever since I started making homemade mayonnaise, David has been making egg salad. And I love it! Is it the spectacular mayo or just David's knack for making something so simple taste so amazing? Or perhaps both? I am not sure.

I think I shared with you how I took a little leftover egg salad to the farmers market for a snack a few weeks ago. I made the mistake of letting a few of my fellow vendors taste it (using their organically grown cucumbers as a spoon)...and they fell head over heels.

So much so that they begged David to make egg salad for me to bring to the Sunday market and share with them. Which he did.

They so loved David's special (yet oh-so-simple) egg salad, using my homemade mayo, that Tom and Brandy of The Farm at Woodland Acres offered to provide two dozen eggs (2 DOZEN!) if he would make more egg salad and bring it to the Legacy Outdoor Market on Sunday so they could have a "thick sandwich." I guess we didn't make enough the first time??

So who are we to deny people the food they love?

David boiled and (peeled) nearly 2 dozen eggs to make egg salad and I made a double batch of mayo.

A huge bowl of chopped farm fresh eggs.

It was a gorgeous Sunday and perfect for an outdoor picnic.

We brought the egg salad and bolillos (Mexican-style rolls).

Capelli, who makes the best soap ever (Soapzee's), brought the chips (four bags of different flavored Dirty's and the iced tea.

It was a real community pot-luck event. And there was even enough egg salad and bolillos to share with a few other vendors.

The joy everyone expressed (using hand signals, yells and praise) when eating and after eating their egg salad sammy was tremendous. If I had known just how easy it was to please these people, I would have done it a long time ago.

Now they are requesting we make this a standing monthly event. Which we probably will because they loved it so much and it was just so much fun.

Because they are so addicted to David's egg salad, we thought you, too, might want to partake in the experience.

All you need is a few farm fresh eggs, mayo (preferably homemade mayo), celery and salt and pepper. Make some for yourself and the familia to see what everyone's raving about.

Buen provecho!

Egg Salad
The Cowgirl Gourmet's husband's recipe

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This recipe is based on however many eggs you use, so there is a ratio. We recommend two eggs per person and one stalk of celery for every four eggs. You'll use about one Tablespoon of mayo for every two eggs and one little squirt of mustard.

After much research and many unsuccessful and ugly peeled eggs, we have found that the trick to a beautifully peeled egg is to get the eggs cold after you boil them. Once they are cold, crack them and, under running water, peel them carefully so you don't peel off the egg white. Ideally, the water will get under the shell and help to easily release it.

What you'll need:

Farm fresh eggs (two per person), boiled and peeled
Celery, 1/2 stalk for every two eggs
Cheap yellow mustard, a squirt (approximately 1/2 teaspoon) for every two eggs
Mayo, 1 Tablespoon for every two eggs
Kosher salt and fresh black pepper
Fresh parsley, finely chopped, about 1/2 teaspoon for every two eggs

Boil two eggs per person. Allow eggs to cool, get them cold and then peel them.

Chop eggs on a cutting board leaving some of the egg whites chunky. Place chopped eggs in a bowl large enough to mix everything together.

Use 1/2 a stalk of celery for every two eggs and chop into a semi-fine dice. Add chopped celery to the bowl.

Sprinkle Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper onto the mixture. For every two eggs, add one squirt of cheap yellow mustard and a Tablespoon of mayo.

Stir thoroughly with a fork. Using a fork is very important so as to mash the yolks sufficiently and create a creamy blend.

Adjust the salt and pepper and add additional mayo to achieve the consistency you desire.

Add a little fresh finely chopped parsley, stir to combine and chill for about 15 minutes in the fridge.

Serve on the best bread or roll of choice and enjoy!

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