Keep on (BBQ) Truckin' II

I am Heather Honest Hunter and I never tell a lie. At least, not a very big lie. So, as I promised you yesterday, we returned to the Smoke Shack early today to try the ribs and sausage.

When we arrived at high noon, the lot was full of trucks, BMW's, construction worker trucks, a Volvo and a minivan. The table was full of happy people eating and there was a line. 

The group was a diverse one that included construction workers, both male and female business professionals, landscape guys, grandparents and stay-at-home moms. My neighbor, Virginia, was even there with her family and a friend to check it out! It was great to see the attention the Smoke Shack is already gaining and it's just their sixth day of business.

Again, we were not disappointed.

David and I shared a two meat plate for $9 and what do you think we got? Ribs and sausage, of course. 

The ribs were delicious and the sausage, too. Today we tried the potato salad and it was like a German potato salad, but without the vinegar. I've got to agree with Chris, the chef/owner, mayo is an unnecessary evil in the BBQ world.

We cleaned our plate.

The only thing left to try is the chicken, which I don't eat but David says he is going to try in the next few days. Knowing him, it's going to be sooner rather than later.

So, let's get out and eat some BBQ. If you want more than a plate or perhaps a few pounds, call ahead and give them a day's notice. Oh, and they cater, too. Just be sure and invite me to the party...

Smoke Shack BBQ
Chris and Kate Conger
Nacogdoches and 410
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