Bring on the New Year

Well, it's here. A new year. Whether we like it or not. To some that may mean you are a year older. To others, a year wiser. Depends on if you are a
glass-half-full or empty-kind-of-person.

I try to be a glass-half-full-kind-of-person, though it's not always feasible. Some of you may be grateful for all that 2010 brought you, others ready to start fresh in 2011.

Considering there are 365 days, I feel certain that everyone can agree that we all had a roller coaster year. Some really great highs, perhaps a few lows and lots of in between. As we ring in a new year, I must confess that I am not a fan of New Year's Eve. Never have been.

Inevitably, you try so hard to have a good time that it's bound to flop or at least be way less than we had hoped for. So, over the years I have joined the "stay-at-home-for-New-Year's" club.

No matter what your plans for tonight and the bright new year that is coming our way, I made something that is sure to make you feel better and take the rough edges of 2010 off your skin. And guys, you, too, can make and use this.

This scrub made my day...and now I'm ready for 2011. I think.

Happy New Year!

Body Scrub
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I've been making homemade body scrubs for years. While I used to love buying it in those fancy containers, once I realized how simple (and inexpensive) it was to make, I figured "why not" and so I have been making it ever since.

All you need is some Kosher salt, good oil and some essential oil, although the essential oil is not that essential. So if you don't have it on hand, make the scrub without it. You can always add essential oil later, if you so choose. To change up the scrub, you can replace the salt with white or brown sugar.

1/2 cup oil such as grapeseed or almond, although olive oil would work as well
1 cup Kosher salt, sea salt or white or brown sugar
5-15 drops of essential oil

Place ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Scoop into a lovely container. You can gift this to a friend or keep it for yourself.

Use this when you are in the shower. Get your body wet and turn off the water. Scoop some scrub in the palm of your hands and begin to rub all over yourself, paying special attention to the rough edges like your elbows and feet. Scrub your feet last so you don't slip all over the place...

Continue mushing the scrub all over and when you're ready, rinse off with warm water. Using a towel, simply blot yourself dry so as to not remove all the yummy you can relax a while to let the oil soak into your skin and bask in the dreaminess of it all.

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