You know I am a farmers market fanatic, but perhaps I have never told you why I am such a fan of this weekly event celebrating the local food movement. Yes, I love getting my farm fresh produce (that lasts longer than anything I ever buy in the grocery store), pastured eggs (which have crazy orange yolks and taste spectacular) as well as other edibles from local farmers and people that I know and trust.

I also treasure is the camaraderie that energizes the market with people of like-minds, customers genuinely appreciating the food they are buying, chatting with old and new friends and watching families enjoy this experience that speaks volumes on today's growing population who demand to know about their food, how it is grown and where it comes from.

But one of the things I most cherish about shopping at the farmers market is that I always come home with something completely unexpected. Whether it's a big head of fennel, potted organic herbs to start my spring herb garden, sweet organic strawberries, baby bull's beet greens, duck eggs, baby Brussels sprouts, purple haze carrots, smoked pork belly, a new variety of honey or even dried chamomile, I vow to do something different with my new find.

The intoxicating smell of a basket of herb bundles from Zamudio Farm lured me into the tent last Sunday. Horacio and Manuela, a married farming couple who grow amazing things, had fresh bay leaves, rosemary, cilantro, chamomile and then I saw this. A bunch of dried lemongrass leaves.

And I knew just what to do with it. Tea. The benefits of lemongrass are numerous and I figured it might be a fun way to inspire myself to make and drink some tea since it's not on my list of go to beverages and yet, it is so good for you.

In addition to the dried lemongrass leaves, I dropped in a few slices of fresh ginger for more nutritional boost and let this steep as the water came to a boil. Once the water started percolating, I dropped in five green tea bags, turned off the heat and let everything meld for 15-20 minutes.

What resulted was a lemon and ginger-scented green tea that beckoned spring back into our lives. Easy to make and easy to drink, this will not last long in our house. Or yours.

Buen provecho!

Lemongrass-Ginger Green Tea
The Cowgirl Gourmet

This lemon-scented green tea with a touch of ginger is a great twist on the ordinary. Not being a tea drinker, this interested even me and kept my attention for a few glasses. And that's saying something.

Makes a little over half a gallon

10 cups of water
1 bunch of dried lemongrass leaves
5 thick slices (or more) of fresh ginger
5 green tea bags

In a large pot, add the water and place over high heat. Immediately drop in the lemongrass leaves and ginger and stir well to combine.

Let come to a boil and as soon as it does, turn off the heat and add the green tea bags. Allow to steep for 15-20 minutes.

Once it becomes the color you like, remove the tea bags and begin to remove the lemongrass and sliced ginger.

Pour tea into a half gallon container and place in the fridge to cool and chill thoroughly. Pour over an ice filled glass, add sweetener of choice, if desired, and relax.

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