Winning Super Bowl Strategies

This may seem strange to you, but we eat Fritos one day a year. And only on one day a year. Super Bowl Sunday.

So now you know why David and I are both pretty damn stoked about this imminent and annual event that revolves around food. Mostly bad food. In fact, we love this day so much, we start planning for it two weeks out. We delve deep into conversation about what we are going to eat, plan the menu to the last detail and then we wait patiently for the day to arrive.

Obviously, it's always something that pairs well with Fritos, because that is our main attraction. This year, David is making a hearty beef chili with beans and I think I am staying on theme with a vegetarian chili. Guacamole is usually in the opening line-up as well. And Fritos, lots and lots of fried corn chips.

That's what's in store for us this year, but what's on your calendar for game day? Maybe you're up for a few new dishes for this year's Super Bowl celebration or maybe you've been invited to as friend's pot luck party?

Below are a few of my favorite dishes (previously featured here) that I think would be a winning strategy for any Stupid Bowl party. (Click here to see one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever.)

Buen provecho!


You can never go wrong with a bowl of fresh guacamole, which, coincidentally, was featured on this blog three years ago in honor of Super Bowl.
Smashed ripe avocados with chopped chile, onion, cilantro and plenty of salt and lime assures the serving bowl will quickly be empty. For one, it pairs well with Fritos and, we know avocados are a delectable source for good fat, which we all need to eat more of. Not in love with Fritos? Serve your guac with crispy chicharrones or traditional tortilla chips.


Not sure what to make for this annual eat-a-thon? Burgers are easy party food. Easy to make and easy to eat which puts these hand-held favorites at the top of every party menu. But rather than the same ole burger, offer one or all of these varieties. The Argentinean burger is a great alternative for men and I have yet to have a female guest at my house choose a regular burger over a grilled tuna burger or a vegetarian burger, so maybe you should make all of them and let your party guests choose. Could be fun.

Grilled tuna burger

Vegetarian burger

Soup or Stew aka One Pot Wonders

Or maybe you're more of a soup or stew person. Honestly, one-pot meals are a smart way to cook when entertaining. I love that the entire meal can be made in advance--the day before the event if you can swing it so the flavors marry well creating an even more memorable Super Bowl Sunday meal. With the meal made, you can relax and watch the game with everyone else. Or watch the commercials. (I mentioned it earlier, but, really, you have got to see this year's touching Budweiser commercial with the Clydesdales and a very special guest. Get ready to tear up. It's that good...)

David has always made the best chili, but when he started using Lou Lambert's chili recipe a few years ago, now the chili is beyond unbelievable good. Use bison, venison or grass-fed beef chili meat and then you're really the chili master.
Not into meat? Steaming bowls of seafood pozole would combine well with guacamole and would also dazzle your guests and keep them talking about the party long after they have gone home. An impressive dish, but oh-so-simple, use one type of seafood, such as shrimp, or go crazy and add baby scallops. Hearty and still healthy, this is another winning choice and is especially fun when you have a platter of toppings including diced red onion, radishes, cilantro, onions, chile, lime, oregano and chicharrones.


There is no party without dessert. At least that's the way I see it, so you know there's always going to be a sweet ending when you are at my house. Or I'll bring it to your house. Either way, we will conclude the event with a fab dessert. Nothing too sweet or too decadent or too rich, but something just right. And brownies are a must-have on game day. You can cut them in big and smaller sizes so everyone can feel free to enjoy a chocolate treat without too much guilt.
If you prefer a bite-size treat, have fun getting messy with homemade truffles. Simple and sophisticated, these are another tasty way to celebrate Super Bowl.
No matter how you are celebrating the 48th Super Bowl, may it be filled with fabulous friends and family, plenty of food, generous amounts of laughter and lots of fun. And maybe a beer (or two) or a few glasses of vino.

Buen provecho!
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