A New Year's Perspective

2011 was a good year. At least it was for me. And I have had the last 10 days or so to reflect on all that the year taught me. Good, bad and indifferent. A few ups and downs, but mostly ups. New friends, old friends and the unfortunate news of those who have passed on. A new farmers market that is thriving with grateful customers and amazing vendors. A terrific husband who is also my best friend. And the prospect of a very bright and enriching 2012.

This is the third New Year's post on The Cowgirl Gourmet. As I was looking back to see how things have developed, I was pleasantly surprised to see our 2009 post, Cheers to a Healthier You in 2010. A listing of 32 things you can do today that will improve your health tomorrow. I like that and remember we had a lot of fun putting that list together.

Last year, I went more superficial and offered a recipe for a salt scrub to scrub away the past and start the new year refreshed and revitalized. And I like that end-of-the-year suggestion, too, since we always feel better when we do something special for ourselves.

So this year, I want to share something that has nothing to do with food, but rather something I read earlier in the month that really moved me. Inside. And made me think. About a lot of things that I do. Things we all do. And how there are so many things we should all stop doing.

A friend posted a link on Facebook and when I read this article, I knew it was worth sharing since I have returned to the site several times to reread the list of 30 suggestions. So often we are encouraged to do certain things (lose weight, be more patient, slow down), but it's not often someone puts a cohesive and thought-provoking list of things we should not do. So here it is. 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself. And what better time to read this list than at the end of the year when we are ready to start with a clean slate, so to speak.

As we start a new year, let's be mindful to put ourselves first in 2012 and only do things that enhance and enrich our lives and enlighten us and make us more aware of what we do and why. Because that is the reason we are here. Through our relationships and actions, we want to love and be loved, grow, learn, help others, inspire, support, be compassionate, generous, sensitive, kind, spread peace, understanding, and develop into a great human being.

Cheers to you in the new year and buen provecho!
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